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    Carlton Dry Imported From Drylandia

    Ahhhh Drylandia! A place where the days are long, but the horses are longer.

    A place where the hot wind blows from the south, turns around in the east, and then sort of zig zags around a bit, ruffling the hair of our horses, and drying the mouths of our people.

    Glorious Drylandia! Home of Carlton Dry! The greatest bevvy of all!

    A beer brewed to quench the thirst of this awesome, arid land.

    A beer crafted in accordance with ancient recipes by our nation's brew masters, many of whom have online degrees (in unrelated fields). A perfect combination of hops and water, and water and hops. Sometimes even water and water. Or hops and hops. There might be other things going on too. I'm no scientist.

    It's the wettest of beers, to satisfy the thirstiest of mouths!

    But worry not, our dear Australian siblings. There's no need for jealousy, for this most exotic beer is now available to you too.

    Drylandia's greatest export, is now your greatest import!

    So dry your eyes… and wet your mouths with a frosty Carlton Dry. Imported from Drylandia.

    cheers from drylandia!

    cheers from drylandia!

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    Pregnancy Warning: Alcohol can cause lifelong harm to your babyfor people over the age of eighteen only

    please drink responsibly. do not share
    or forward to anyone underage

    all rights reserved. asahi beverages 2024